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Who we are

It is no news that Real Estate market in Nigeria has enjoyed significant growth over the last decade even amidst the shortcomings of finance, Know-how and right operatives. High-rise office buildings are springing up in tens yearly and Luxury Estates are on the increase in major cities. There is however more to be done, it is believed there is a deficiency of about 17 million houses to serve the populace optimally

This present position of Nigeria’s Real Estate market begs a genuine platform for all stakeholders to interact and to do business; and one that will equip prospective players with the necessary information to tap into this opportunity profitably.

NREIE has therefore positioned itself to be the platform that allows Real Estate stakeholders to meet, interact, exchange ideas on how to maximize the endless opportunities in the open market annually. NREIE is also a platform for foreign investors to get a holistic information about all the facets of Nigeria’s Real Estate market.