…encouraging quality interaction between real estate stakeholders for safe business transactions.



Good reasons to Attend:

  • New market opportunity: The conference and exhibition combined will give participants (exhibitors, investors, visitors…) the chance to make contact with new market opportunities. It will create a forum where Developers, Investors, Government, Real-Estate Companies, Realtors.
  • Juicy Releases: NREIE 2016 is an avenue to get information of the latest mega projects under construction, discounted properties, views of top real estate influencers and happenings in the industry.
  • Key Information: It gives you the pros and cons of the industry, giving one tips on good investment portfolios and Return-on-investment.
  • Networking: A one of a kind event that brings together professionals in the Real Estate industry to interact, share common and uncommon views, and learn from one another.
  • Speedy business transaction: A transaction that would have taken weeks to complete will take just a few days. Buying a property, you might first have to go to various (realtor) companies to see what they have, after which the documents will be drawn, the days it will take you in moving from one company to another can take you weeks if not months. But at the exhibition, it will bring together, at the same time, companies who will show you their properties with valid documents they have and sales can be made on the next day after your choice has been made.
  • Post Event: At the end of the exhibition, all the presentations and delegates list will be available online. Also the names of exhibitors, companies, conference talks and speeches with pictures of the event will be available on www.nreie.com