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NREIE 2016

NREIE 2016


Nigeria Real Estate Investment and Exhibition (NREIE) is an exhibition company where buyers and sellers come to you, here Real Estate stakeholders meet, interact and exchange ideas.

We will be organizing our maiden exhibition come November 2016, and will have in attendance the Honourable Minster o Power, Works and Housing, and other top government and private parastatals.


Why Visit:

  1. It gives you a platform to relate with house owner/property owners, buyers and sellers.
  2. You get to discover new properties, building materials etc in the market
  3. You will be able to make personal contact with real estate decision-makers and advisors from Nigeria and overseas leading professionals and leading companies in real estate industry- developers, builders, surveyors, realtors etc.
  4. Taking part in the seminars/conference to update your expertise.
  5. To have firsthand knowledge of emerging trends in real estate both local and international investment.

It is an exhibition you don’t want to miss.

Send us a message at info@nreie.com